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Bergenfield Public Library

50 W. Clinton Ave. • Bergenfield, NJ 07621 • (201) 387-4040 wifi icon
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Let the GAMES (Video, Board and Deck) Begin!

Gaming at the Library Weekend
Gaming @ the Library Weekend!

Don't miss Gaming @ the Library Weekend. The fun starts Friday, Nov. 21 through Sunday, Nov. 23. Play new and favorites on board, in the deck or on the screen. Gaming professionals will be on hand to teach and demo any game you may be interested in. Plus many FREE prizes and giveaways including graphic novels, video games, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and more!

The Friends Gift Basket Raffle is also ongoing. Bid on a host of baskets from Sports to Christmas, Hanukkah and even valuable gift certificates to Shop Rite, Grand & Essex Market and more. 1 ticket for $1 or 10 tickets for $5. Raffle closes on December 4 at noon.

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